[Holika Holika] Baby Silky Foot One Shot Peeling


Holika - 106

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Product Information

  • Product: [Holika Holika] Baby Silky Foot One Shot Peeling
  • Volume: 20ml x 2ea
  • Formulated with 16 kinds of vegetable AHA ingredient(grapes, orange, apple, lemon, lime, Urea) 
    Removes dead skin cells clearly 
  • How to Use 
    1. After wearing the sheets, put the content into each sheet  
    2. ait for about one and a half hour to aid the absorption 
    3. After that, take off the sheets and wash your feet with lukewarm water completely 
    4. 4~7 days later, dead skin cells on your feet will be removed little by little 
    5. About 2 wekks later, your feet wil be smooth and healthy
  • Phytoncide promotes vitality for legs, and Shea butter provides nutriiton and moisture 
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