[ MEDI HEAL ] WHITENING DOUBLE X2 Smart Laser Mask pack


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Product Information

  • Product : [ MEDI HEAL ] WHITENING DOUBLE X2 Smart Laser Mask pack
  • Volume : Base Ampoule 3ml, Mask sheet 25ml
  • Arbutin, adenosine, whitening double complex 275mg (Niacin amide, Ascorbyl Glucoside, mulberry root extract, and licorice root extract)
  • Description : 
  • Stable vitamin C-AA2G controls melanin and creates bright and clean skin. 
    Exfoliates mildly and increases absorption of ingredients.
    5 non-added additives to ampoule (Non-artificial colors, non- artificial fragrance, non-alcohol, non-benzophenone, non-mineral oil)
    4 non-added additives to sheet (Non-artificial colors, non- fluorescence brightening agent, non-benzophenone, non-mineral oil)
  • How to use : 

    1. After washing your face, spread the ampoule all over face and wrap gently the face for absorption.
    2. Fit the mask to the face and remove after 10-20 minutes.
    * Apply 2-3 times a week continuously for 4 weeks.

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