[Holika Holika] Triangle Deep Eye Maker 1.4g


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Product Information

  • Product: [Holika Holika] Triangle Deep Eye Maker 1.4g
  • Volume: 1.4g
  • Major ingredients
    : Ceramide 
  • Product description  
    : Triangle shape stick shadow fills triangle zone under eyes for deep eye makeup.
    : Soft velvet formula applies under eyes softly.
    : Wearable coloring can be used on eyelids and under triangle zone for contouring eye make up.
    : Click type container for fresh use.
  • How to use  
    1. Fill triangle zone contour.
    : Triangle shape applicator edge draws from center of eyes to eye tail softly at one time.
    : Blends lightly with fingers and makes natural eye tail triangle zone gradation avoiding triangle line.
    2. Eyelids contour 
    : Draw naturally close to the eyeline using triangle edge for eyelid contour.
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