[ETUDE HOUSE] Enamelting Gel Nails 5g


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Product Information

  • Product : [ETUDE HOUSE] Enamelting Gel Nails
  • Volume : 5g
  • How to use

    Step1:Even out nail surface with a sand block and remove any oil or moisture on fingernails by applying gel Cleanser.

    Step 2 : Apply Base Gel and Cure under lamp 45 seconds.

    Step 3 : Wipe Fingernails with gel cleanser to remove any stickiness.

    Step 4 : Apply color gel once and cure under lamp for 30 seconds , repeating this step for clearer color.

    Step 5 : Apply Top Gel onto fingernails done with curing and cure again with lamp for 60 seconds.

    Step 6 : Wipe fingernails with Gel Cleanser to remove any stickiness

    Step 7 : Finish with a nail stone or parts for prettier nails.

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