CROWN Jolly Pong 186g


크라운 죠리퐁 186g

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Product Information

  • Product: CROWN Jolly Pong 186g
  • Jollypong is a puffed rice snack, with a cocoa covered version as well. Introduced in the early ‘70s, it is probably one of the mass produced snacks that resemble traditional snacks the most. Puffed rice made in a traditional machine usually popped out the snacks with a loud “pong!” sound; thus the name.

    Before western breakfast cereal was introduced to Korea, I remember people eating Jollypong like cereal, dunked in a bowl of milk. The cocoa version is more popular with the kids due to its sweetness and is also often eaten with milk.

  • Avoid direct sunlight and humid place., store in a cool and dry place
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