Instant Korean Food - CU GIANT TTEOKBOKKI(CU 자이언트 떡볶이) Cup / 300g


CU 자이언트 떡볶이

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Product Information

  • Product: Instant Korean Food - CU GIENT TTEOKBOKKI(CU 자이언트 떡볶이) Cup / 300g
  • Quantity: one
  • To Prepare: 

    1. Prepare the Giant TTEOKBBOKI
    2. Open half of the lid.
    3. You will see the 2 plastic bags inside the cup, one has bunch of rice cake sticks inside, one has the source. Take them out. Tear off the bag that has rice cake sticks, put the sticks into the cup.
    4. Pour hot water.
    5. Wait for 4 minutes. Let the sticks get steamed.
    6. You will see 4 holes drawn on the lid, poke it with chopsticks.
    7. Pour the water out through the holes
    8. Pour the source.
    9. Mix them.
    10. You enjoy them.

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